Email marketing

We now know what ‘old is gold’ really means because of e-mail marketing. Because what is better than directly engaging with your audience to profess what you intend, be it for commercial, fundraising, or even spreading awareness.

There is a reason why people constantly check their emails for further actions and decisions and PromoDigitech makes sure that your audiences stay that way. In making sure that your messages are reached at, to all the audience’s probable devices with prompt creativity and relevance of the latest trends at the proper timing, your businesses will sail more than just expansion and educating.

Attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones becomes a certainty at PromoDigitech.

In addition to reaching your targeted audiences, PromoDigitech provides all types of e-mail marketing such as transactional, direct and mobile marketing only to enhance your growth.

Because when your audiences are reached at, you build credibility then build sales which will further on strengthen relationships. We help reach your audiences with personalized, relevant or dynamic message in addition to interesting graphics made difficult for eyes to discard.

You can now sit back and track your ROI without having to worry about audiences not being reached.

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